Mar 10,2014
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About Islam

The word ‘Islam’ is an Arabic word which linguistically means submission, and the root words from which it is derived have meanings of peace, security and certainty. As a term in its common usage however, ‘Islam’ refers to the message which was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) by God. In turn, a Muslim is the one who adopts Islam as their way of life. 
The linguistic and conventional meanings go hand in hand, in so far as the basic concept is that by submitting to the Will of God – in the way shown by His Prophet – the human being achieves peace, contentment and salvation.
Islam is not a religion like Christianity or Buddhism with only theological and moral precepts. More than a just a religion, it is a unique ideology with its own creed and worldview and a system of rules, principles, and law that emanate from this creed. This system is comprehensive in that it covers all aspects of human life, including the individual and societal, spiritual and political. It provides guidance on the most intimate of spiritual matters such as the state with one’s heart and achieving proximity with the Divine, as well as on the most public such as the state of human societies in their economic and political framework.


Introductory Concepts

This category will hold all the articles that introduce vast amount of different aspects of Islam.


  • Islam 101: The word ‘Islam’ is an Arabic word which linguistically means submission, and the root words from which it is derived have meanings of peace, security and certainty. READ MORE.


  • Who is Muhammad?: Who was Muhammad? Muhammad (peace be upon him) lived in 7th century Arabia and was from a noble and distinguished tribe in Mecca.  Both his parents passed away by age 6. READ MORE.



  • Is the Quran the Word of God?: Someone could be convinced that a Creator created the Universe. But that does not necessarily mean they are certain about following any particular religion. READ MORE.


  • Sharia Law: The word ‘Sharia’ and ‘Sharia Law’ are heard quite regularly in media and public discourse. From Sharia finance and family law to so-called ‘Sharia lashings’, most people would have heard of the term, but what does it mean?. READ MORE.



Common Misconceptions

This category will hold all the articles concerning either common misconceptions about Islam, or common misconceptions in general, while providing an Islamic perspective.


  • Jesus - An Islamic Perspective: Muslims believe Jesus to be one of the greatest Prophets of God who will play a crucial role in times to come. There are significant differences between Islam and Christianity’s take on Jesus. READ MORE.


  • Atheism in the Dock: Atheism is the rejection of belief in the existence of God. Its proponents claim that adopting the atheist position is the dictate of reason. But is this really the case? READ MORE.


  • Women in Islam: The image of Muslim women is severely misrepresented in the West. The portrayal is one of oppression and discrimination. The reality is in stark contrast. READ MORE.



Islam as a Solution

This category will hold all articles concerning problems in today's world, and will address how Islam has a solution for these problems.


  • Islam on Poverty: Racism in sport is a real concern these days. Numerous examples can be sighted over the years, whether player-on-player, racist slurs from the stands, from officials, and even from commentators. Racism extends beyond the sporting field. Australia carries a reputation for racist attitudes and data confirms that racism does exist in Australia, even today. READ MORE.



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