Dec 09,2013
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The Islam Project

'The Islam Project' is an initiative dedicated to propagating Islam as the absolute truth to the wider community in Australia.


What We Do

The Islam Project will be administered by a group of dedicated and active members of the Muslim community and seeks to draw upon and work with the plethora of creativity within the Muslim community. The field of work will be primarily at grassroots, where Islam will be offered as an alternate way of life to the non-Muslims through intellectual discussion and robust debate. We hold that Islam exclusively is the way of life revealed and sanctioned by God, our Creator, and it alone provides real and genuine solutions to the myriad of problems facing modern societies, both at a collective and individual level. Islam offers far more than just spiritual contentment – it provides a comprehensive system that includes within it practical and meaningful answers to the many questions that humanity has faced in the past, still faces today and will face in the future. For a more comprehensive list of services, refer to What We Do.


Our Work

The Islam Project will utilise numerous dynamic and exciting means to effectively engage with the wider non-Muslim community. These include conferences, debates, written material, study centres, exhibitions, street stalls, and social media activism. Our work will initially be based in Sydney with the intention of establishing a presence in other major capitals of Australia.



  • To offer Islam as a real and genuine alternate way of life to non-Muslims in Australia by presenting it as the absolute truth
  • Engage with the community and build relations within its various sections
  • Provide educational and cultural services to deepen the understanding of Islam


Getting Involved

The Islam Project team recognises the commendable efforts of the various groups already partaking in this noble task and we believe that there cannot be enough assisting in carrying out this great work. The Islam Project’s team welcomes anyone who wishes to partake in this effort and we would encourage and appreciate ongoing interaction and advice. Some ways that The Islam Project can be assisted include:

  • Campaign: Help spread the message of Islam. Share our material, like our Facebook page, help us build the campaign, get involved in street dawah and activism.
  • Mailing List: Subscribe to our mailing list to remain informed and up to date with all things to do with The Islam Project and share details of events and initiatives with Muslims and particularly non-Muslim contacts.
  • Donations: We welcome financial contributions from the community to cover the costs of running the Project and we ask Allah (swt) to reward all those who generously give. The more funds the Project is able to attain, the greater its scope can be and the wider the message of Islam can be delivered.

For a complete list of how you can get involved, refer to Get Involved.


Contact us

For any questions, comments or feedback email: info[at], or refer to our Contact Us page.

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About Us

The Islam Project is an organisation dedicated to propagating Islam, as the fundamental truth and means of salvation, to the wider Australian community. The Islam Project seeks to work hand-in-hand with the Muslim community at a grassroots level in order to offer Islam as an alternative way of life to the wider non-Muslim society, through intellectual discussion and robust debate.

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Contact Us

We would love to hear from you! Please send an email to us or you can also send us a message to our Facebook page and we will get in touch with you shortly.


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