Mar 18,2014
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Getting Involved

The Islam Project seeks to uniquely position itself as a project for the whole of the community, i.e. it is based upon community involvement. We do not envisage that The Islam Project will remain an effort only taken forward by a few, but rather we aim to have it taken up by the entire community as a vehicle to effectively and efficiently engage with Australian society in order to offer Islam. The success of this effort depends, after the tawfeeq of Allah, on the community taking ownership of it in order to help manage, steer and execute the project.


The Islam Project’s doors are always open to anyone and everyone who would sincerely likely to assist or get involved. This may be as individuals, as a group of friends, as a community organisation or anything in between. There is no minimum or maximum level of involvement – one can take the Islam Project as far as they would like or they may give it the time that they are able to spare. Some ways that The Islam Project can be assisted include:

  • Campaign: Help spread the message of Islam. Share our material, like our Facebook page, help us build the campaign, get involved in street dawah and activism.
  • Street dawah: The more people available to spread the message of Islam, the faster and wider it will spread. A training course will be provided for those who wish to participate in our street dawah initiative.
  • Mailing list: Subscribe to our mailing list to remain informed and up to date with all things to do with The Islam Project and share details of events and initiatives with Muslims and particularly non-Muslim contacts.
  • Spread the word: A simple way to help The Islam Project grow is to let others know of its existence. If you can ask your local sheikh to do so as well, that would be even better.
  • Request an appearance: If there's an event that you think we should have a stall at, let us know and we'll see if we can make it. We can also organise for a question and answer session for anyone who wants to know more about Islam.
  • Donations: We welcome financial contributions from the community to cover the costs of running the Project and we ask Allah (swt) to reward all those who generously give. The more funds the Project is able to attain, the greater its scope can be and the wider the message of Islam can be delivered.


Other ways individuals may get involved in The Islam Project is if they have a specific skill or contacts that they think would be relevant in aiding The Islam Project's objectives. This may include being able to provide discounted printing costs for materials, or being able to produce CDs on a large scale. 


Contact us

For any questions, comments, feedback or if you would like to get involved somehow - please let us know through email: info[at], or refer to our Contact Us page.

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About Us

The Islam Project is an organisation dedicated to propagating Islam, as the fundamental truth and means of salvation, to the wider Australian community. The Islam Project seeks to work hand-in-hand with the Muslim community at a grassroots level in order to offer Islam as an alternative way of life to the wider non-Muslim society, through intellectual discussion and robust debate.

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We would love to hear from you! Please send an email to us or you can also send us a message to our Facebook page and we will get in touch with you shortly.


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